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      New Map   02/14/2018

      Read my post for info  
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      New Ark Server!   02/16/2018

      We have launched a new Modded Ark server to run alongside our Arma server. Anyone is welcome to play and it is a Heavily modded PvE server based on the first map. Modpack : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1302688409 Mod List: https://pastebin.com/vFX8dnJd Server Name: CorruptedGaming|Island|Annunaki|PVE|Mods Direct IP:   Here is some tips on how to find the server: https://wiki.nitrado.net/en/Connect_to_an_ARK:_Survival_Evolved_server   Give me some feedback in this topic on how you think we can improve it and leave suggestions for mods etc.


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    Alright as a developer I am looking on new ways to make the server unique. One way I thought of was by making a fire script and adding in Fire Department Cars like a Fire Engine / Ladder Truck / 2017 Taheo (Supervisor). Also adding in a AI Simulated Car accident or maybe a gas leak at the General Store or something for Firefighters to respond to. Also they must have 2 firefighters online in order for calls to spawn so we don't have random car accidents and gas leaks everywhere. Tell me what your thoughts are....
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    Let me know what you think.... Especially S.W.A.T Members
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    I suggest a section for the shout box, live player count, live team speak client count, and a proper format!
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    --RULES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE BASED ON MASS DISAPPROVAL OF PLAYER BASE AND/OR SMT-- -- SERVER RULES OVERRIDE SOP's -- CG Rules You must comply with staff in support cases Support cases are to be kept private. Failure to do so will result in warning points (Excluding Staff members). Streamers are not to be pulled out of TFR if actively streaming, (Unless you have permission from SMT) If you have valid proof you will get compensation. The streamer will be dealt with later. If you receive or find obscene amounts of money, you must collect evidence of how you got it in case you are flagged up by the anti-cheat. Compensation must be in the form of a video or screenshot evidence (Has to be timestamped or provide proof of Date and Time.) You may not witch hunt people (Get them in trouble just because they got you in trouble) - Staff's discretion. Entering Debug Zone Will not be accepted and will result in points for Fail RP. Do not dupe or exploit. Please report all exploits and bugs to the staff team. Cops and Civilians must have a valid roleplay reason to raid someone's house. Excessive harassment of streamers will result in a 3-day ban. This could be continuously saying their name or follow them around. Racism in-game (Whether within roleplay or not) is never acceptable Going AFK while on as any faction with the purpose of gaining money will result in warning points. You must have a valid roleplay name to play the server. Eg: Olof Pugmeister. (This means only a first and last name!) Anyone found abusing loopholes within the rules will be dealt with. You may not revive anyone in an active gunfight. You may only revive once there is no combat situation for 60 seconds. You can not put any symbols or any form of non-alphabetical characters in your roleplay name in-game. ‚ Eg: #Olof@!Pugmeister!!! You should not have unrealistic or immature middle names or prefixes within your in-game name. Anyone found with something deemed inappropriate will be kicked. Examples of names we class as inappropiate include the likes of "Exe", "RFC" or anything else we class as either inappropriate or unrealistic. Cops cannot use CPR kits to revive civilians. Same goes for civilians with Cops. Serious Abusive and or racist attitude towards members of the community will not be tolerated and will result in an RFC. Follow the Chain of Command, failure to do so will result in punishment. Section 1.1 Random Deathmatch (RDM) and Initiation Rules You may not kill anyone unless valid initiation has been made. Initiation roleplay lasts for 10 minutes; anything over the period will have to be re-initiated. To initiate you must have a visible firearm out, and use it in a threatening manner (You must also have a roleplay reason to initiate) Trash talk does not count as initiation; you must initiate in a proper manner. You can only initiate inside a vehicle if you are sitting in a seat in which can fire from, e.g back of the Off-road Sirens don't count as initiation To initiate as a group, you must be wearing the same clothing as your other party members. (I.E, Uniform, Vests and Backpack) You must vocally initiate before causing harm (Tazing) and knocking people out are seen as ways of causing harm. (Collisions do not count) You must give a minimum of 2 seconds before knocking someone out. You must give a minimum of 10 seconds for someone to comply with your reasonable demands unless they are clearly not complying with the demands set out to them. You (Including fellow gang members and Police) must not rob or initiate on those involved in a head-on collision; If you have previously been killed and revived within a 10 minute period, the previous initiation has ended. When you initiate on the police, it does not mean you initiate on the entire cop force as this is a random deathmatch. The initiation would only be towards the cops involved in the situation or on those that arrive as backup (Codes Two/Threes responding). You are not allowed to initiate on moving vehicles going over 60kmph Section 1.2 Vehicle Deathmatch (VDM) You may not purposely VDM someone unless they are blocking the road. After someone being run over, you (Including fellow gang members and Police) ‚ must not proceed to rob them or use their unconsciousness to your advantage. D-Sync ramming is allowed (At your own discretion). If you kill someone by D-Sync ramming, you will be a punished accordingly. Air vehicles are not to be used for Air-Ramming, Kamikazing or landing on top of other vehicles to stop them. Section 1.3 Metagaming/Powergaming You must not use any type of third party communication while in-game (Skype, Steam, etc.) Do not create invisible items such as knives or putting guns to a driver's head while driving. Only use the mechanics that are already in the game. (Excluding RP shackles.) You must find out a player's name through RP reasons, not through the keychain method. You must find out the location of gang hideouts and drug dealers through roleplay reasons. You must find out the location of Bank Money/Gold Trader through roleplay reasons. You must not pretend to lose your car keys if forced to hand them over as this is power gaming. You may not message anyone in TFR with regards to rule breaking Section 1.4 New Life Rule NLR (New Life Rule) means when you die you forget the events what led up to your death. go back to the place where you died and seek revenge on the person who killed you. Both cops and civs must not return to the area they were killed, within 10 minutes of dying. Once you've been picked up by a medic, you may not return to combat unless under direct threat. (I.e, someone initiating on you) If you have been picked up by a medic, you can remember your previous life. Section 1.5 Gang Rules There can only be one official leader of a gang Gangs must only have a maximum of 25 people whitelisted and on their roster You can only patrol with a maximum of 8 people. Gangs must have a roster that SMT can easily see. A link to this roster must be provided in one of their gang channels. If a member of the gang is removed, a command member must go to requesting staff and get that person's whitelisting and tags removed. Whitelisted gangs are gangs that have purchased a Gang Package. Owners of whitelisted gangs MUST ensure that they do not go over their limit, any gangs found going over their limit will be issued a gang punishment. Community managers + have the authority to remove any gang if issues are continuously occurring. Gangs must not set up an internal payment system in which members pay for promotions etc. If gang members wish to contribute towards the gang (e.g. buy a gang vehicle skin), then the transaction must happen between Cobra and the gang member wishing to help the gang out Selling entrance into your gang is strictly prohibited. They must join through either an application or invitation. Selling your gang is not permitted under any circumstances If you are committing a major crime, you must NOT have help from other gangs, for example 'gang 1' cannot team with 'gang 2' to do bank 'gang 1' must do this crime on their own. After receiving two gang strikes, the leader must wipe the entire gang. Refusing to do so will result in removal of the gang. When you initiate on a gang, it does not mean you initiate on every gang member as this is random deathmatch. The initiation would only be towards the gang members involved in the situation or on those that arrive as backup (150m) The controlling gang of a hideout has KOS on anyone with a visible firearm within 100 meters. (This does not include you being in the process of capturing the point) Gangs may only get involved with cops capturing the hideout if they already control it You cannot give any type of gang clothing/Equipment to non gang members. Gang initiation only last within 150m of an active RP situation unless when they are committing a Major crime [see section 1.12 point 3 to see the definition of a major crime] All Gang members and Gang leader(s) or affiliates of which is implied with the previous mention will be required to wear their Gang clothing and equipment of which is required to be identifiable of their chosen faction. For Gang Members to be initiated with the rest of their gang they require at least 3 of the same pieces of clothing to be worn. Eg: Vest, Uniform, Hat You now must wait 30 minutes apart from each major crime. You may not patrol with other gangs. In order to patrol with another gang you must all be wearing the same clothing (Non Gang Clothing). You may not do major crime with another gang. You may not discharge your weapon at any point in the gang zone or else it will result in warning points or a ban. Gang Base Rules You may not bait back to a gang zone (I.E purposely drive into PD and then drive back to your gang base.) You may conduct hostage negotiations at your gang base. You may not camp a gang base. If you are not apart of the gang that owns the base you are KOS (This does not mean you can KOS them) Section 1.6 Roleplay Rules Never break character: Breaking character will destroy the roleplay for you and everyone else. You cant use information that you found out of the game without the use of roleplay. You cant go out of character and tell people they are breaking the rules. Take it to support. You cant play music while in restraints or outside of a vehicle. Saying "Is that Initiation" while in a roleplay situation will count as Fail-RP You can onlyshackle someone's feet after restraining them You must always value your life. If a gun is held to your head, you must do as the weapon holder says. Jumping in or out of a vehicle while in restraints or tied is classed as FailRP. You must not purposely bait cops. For example, you must not deliberately drive in and out of the police HQ to have an officer initiate on you. This also means you should not attempt to bait an officer just for the sole reason of wanting to rob them. You must have a valid reason to rob/kill/kidnap an officer. (Valid reasons stated below) - The police have a fellow gang member in restraints. - You are evading the police with possession of illegal narcotics. (Must provide proof) - To gain access to the evidence locker room at DOC (Sgt+) - You are currently in an active gunfight with the officers involved. (These are just guidelines and examples) You cannot knock out in a gunfight (unless using a riot shield) You must have a reason to evade the police. (Illegal weapons, drugs, etc.) You must wait 2 seconds after initiating before knocking someone out. You may not revive someone that you've killed or conspired to kill. Section 1.7 Green Zone Rules No crimes can be permitted in a green zone (Police can tell you to put away anything illegal in a green zone) Green zones consist of; - All Police Stations - All Hospitals - All spawn zones - Gang Zone - 15 meters around an ATM (ONLY PHYSICAL ATM MODELS) You cannot tow a vehicle inside a green zone. When police training is going on, the Training ground is a green area. You must not bait inside of a green zone (Deliberately annoying or taunting someone) If you bait you can expect to be dealt with by the person you are baiting. (This does not mean you can RDM them!) Rebel outpost is a green zone for all Civilian to Civilian interactions. Civilians are still allowed to initiate on Police and rebel can still be raided/defended by Police and Civilians. The Gang Zone is a green zone. Nobody can initiate on one another in or around this area. (if someone is trash talking you ignore it and take it to support and staff will deal with it depending on the severity) If you are inside of a green zone when your gang or faction is initiated on outside of the green zone, you are not initiated If you bait or bring a gunfight into Gang zone, you will be punished for abusing the green zone rule. Section 1.8 Police Rules Officers must try their best to roleplay even when civilians are in jail and must not just restrict them to their cells unless having a good reason. Officers can only restrain civilians if they; - Have their hands on their head - On the floor - If the officer if behind them. - Knocked out or Tazed. You must never issue or sell weapons/items/vehicles to civilians. Police must not close the bank vault until all members of the bank robbery and been killed or restrained. Police are only allowed to spike strip moving vehicles Police have the authorisation to engage suspicious helicopters/planes flying in restricted airspaces if they are not contactable on air frequency, 60.3 DOC is an example of a restricted air space. Cops can CPR former prisoners or people in custody who have been killed at DOC. If Police offers free passage they have to honour it, they cannot begin to shoot after free passage has been given. However, they can chase after the suspects once the hostage has been secured and engage in combat later on in the 10-80. Cops are not allowed to enter The Gang Zone under any circumstance. SWAT & Marshals are the only departments authorized to raid gang hideouts. All other departments may only respond to a gang hideout if there is a panic button. Cops may only contest/capture the hideouts 30mins after restart and cannot raid within 30mins of a restart" and "If caught or failed to capture, cops may not re-try to capture for another 45mins. EMS Rules At no point can you claim to a medic that you have double tapped someone. Medics can judge someone whether they can be revived or not. Major+ are the only medics that can declare DOA. Medics are not to be in possession of a firearm (Only exception is for High Command). If the civilian is being sent to prison while in medical custody, you must ask the police officer to escort you to the hospital. (Driving away on purpose will result in points) You must never issue or sell items/vehicles to civilians. Medics are not allowed to kill. Killing Medics will result in a ban unless you have warned them off if they are combat reviving. Refusing medical custody when revived by a Medic, is failRP Medics may not revive during combat or 2 minutes after the battle has ended unless the situation has been deemed code four. Medics are not allowed to enter any rebel capture points that are currently in the process of being captured. (TRU Exception) Entering a Medical Checkpoint automatically enters you into Medical Custody. During Medical Custody you cannot initiate or be initiated on. (Medical Custody is initiated once you have been revived) Section 1.9 Civilian Rules Civilians may not purposely get into a police chase, as this counts as cop baiting. (This results in points for failure to roleplay) After robbing a person, you must wait 15 minutes before you can rob the same individual again. The 911 dispatch feature may be only is used for roleplay reasons (e.g., announce you are being robbed). Stealing Medical vehicles will result in warning points/or ban. Robbing Medics is not permitted and will result in a Ban. Wearing Medics clothes is not allowed and will result in warning points or a ban. You cannot pick up a car with occupants still in it. You cannot use the tow truck to destroy any vehicle. Civilians may NOT use or be in possession of Fire Extinguishers. Civilians are not allowed to wear the Martial Law Uniform in any circumstances You are not allowed to steal State/Operations Command, SWAT, CRT or Marshal uniforms/vests (Stealing helmets and goggles from them is fine) Whilst on duty as a member of DOJ, you can not commit or take part in any crimes. Section 1.10 Lakeside Valley DOJ Rules The courthouse is declared a green zone as soon as a court case opens. During active court cases, you must always roleplay and listen to the judge, no matter what. (Failure to do so will result in points for FailRP) When online as a lawyer you are not allowed to perform illegal crimes or troll in any way. Any lawyer on duty must have some kind of identification before their in-game name (E.G - Lawyer.First Last) Section 1.11 Combat Logging Logging out during, after or to avoid a combat situation is not acceptable unless you have direct permission from a member of the Senior Management Team. You must wait for the full death timer and respawn before you log off. Only SMT can authorise a combat log. Combat Logging will result in a 24-hour ban and 20 Warning Points. Section 1.12 Major Crimes There can only be one Major Crime at a time. No major crimes are permitted to happen within 30 minutes of a server restart or another major crime At Bank/Federal Reserve Robberies civilians are permitted to have a maximum of 2 snipers Major crimes consist off; - Hostage Negotiations (Hostage taking is allowed during any Major Crime but you cannot request to negotiate until the major crime has finished). Federal Reserve Bank Robbery Attack on DOC You must not interfere unless you were part of the Major Crime when it began. You must have an SGT+ in the Police Department as a hostage to be granted access to the evidence locker (Internal) You may only start a jailbreak / Attack DOC, if a fellow gang member/friend (Evidence will be needed to show that you are related to the person) is in prison, to release them OR if you plan to raid the evidence locker. Once negotiations are called off, allow 30 seconds for each negotiator to get into adequate cover before anyone can exchange gunfire. SWAT/SERT/Marshals/State Command have the ability to shoot without calling negotiations off, but the hostages life must not be in direct danger, (Hostage takers have a gun pointed directly at the hostage.) If they put the hostage's life at risk, it will count as Fail RP! This can only be done if negotiations aren't going well for the cops, eg: the demands from the hostage takers are unreasonable. Failure to role play in major crimes will result in warning points to all involved in the major crime (Admins discretion) You must attempt to negotiate in Major Crimes if they have hostages. You cannot call off negotiations through a text message. All snipers at bank or federal reserve must be declared during negotiations. A sniper is defined as someone who is at least 100 metres away from the bank/federal reserve (And is in a stationary position) All other people involved in a major crime MUST be inside of the bank/federal reserve compound. There should also be no more than 7 people involved in the major crime UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. When robbing the bank/federal reserve the person negotiating MUST declare the names of the snipers who are positioned outside of the bank/federal reserve compound. You may not commit a major crime with less than seven cops online. You are NOT allowed to wear ANY police clothing in a major crime. You cannot enter the bank or federal reserve with the intention of committing a major crime before the 30 minute mark has passed. You may only commit a major crime with a maximum of seven participants. Civilians and Police are not allowed to combat revive when they are actively involved with a bank robbery or within the area of a bank robbery. Section 1.13 Convoys Any armed personnel inside the red circle will be KOS. Gangs are allowed to compete with each other for the goods found in the circle. NPC's inside the circle are KOS SWAT, Marshals and State Command are the only ones permitted to intercept convoys (no other police departments are allowed to get involved in convoys) SWAT, Marshals and State Command are only able to attack ILLEGAL convoys. The army and diamond convoy should not be attacked by them. Section 1.14 Forum Rules Disrespecting other members of the community on the forums is prohibited and will result in a in punishment. No Advertising of any other communities is allowed on our forums. Topics are to stay on topic. If they start going off start they will be locked. All Forum Posts are to be written in English. Usernames should match your most used ingame name. Section 1.15 Misc Rules The LSPD/DOC ATM is not be used by civilians. (Leads to 'Cop Baiting' Cases) Civilians may not use a CPR kit to revive cops. You are not to kill yourself or exploit to get out of jail. Deathchat cannot be used as evidence unless it is being used for a pastoral case e.g. racism, bullying or other offensive language. You cannot revive and then proceed to rob someone. You cannot use a vehicle to block any entrances during a major crime (Gang hideout raid, federal reserve robbery, Bank etc.) You may not purposely abuse bulletproof vehicles (This excludes the BEARCAT) If the Bearcat is Completely Immobilized (IE: Rolled Over or has no wheels) Civilians are allowed to role-play planting a blasting device on the doors and the occupants of the vehicle are forced to exit the vehicle or face FailRP Punishments You must not kamikaze vehicles into anyone or anything purposely! You may not camp item sellers, for example, Uranium Dealer or Diamond Trader. Doing so will count as Fail RP. You cannot Abuse the fact that a player is in an animation and use this to your advantage. Eg: Rob them/kill them while they are repairing a car. Provide enough time for the animation to stop and for them to stand up fully. As a VIP you are not to abuse your power to join Staff Channels. If you have the power to join any Red Channels and spacers, this does not mean you can join any channel without asking permission first.
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    Hello dear world, my name is unkn0wn, I don't like people, stay out of my way. Much love!
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    Input first change log here

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