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      We have launched a new Modded Ark server to run alongside our Arma server. Anyone is welcome to play and it is a Heavily modded PvE server based on the first map. Modpack : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1302688409 Mod List: https://pastebin.com/vFX8dnJd Server Name: CorruptedGaming|Island|Annunaki|PVE|Mods Direct IP:   Here is some tips on how to find the server: https://wiki.nitrado.net/en/Connect_to_an_ARK:_Survival_Evolved_server   Give me some feedback in this topic on how you think we can improve it and leave suggestions for mods etc.

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  1. InGame/TS Name: Chriss James Date of Birth: January 22 2002 Location/Timezone?: Mountain Time Tell us about yourself? i have 870 Hours on Arma and i havbe played on Psisyn network and Altis life> Do you have any past experience within a support or staff role?: No, I Do not and I feel like this would be a good way to start Why do you want to become a Staff Team Member? (At least 200 words):. I feel like i can benefit the community in a very good way i am friendly and ready to learn i feel like i can make things better and stop the rule breakers and help people with any situation that they are dealing with between RDM to random glitches i would like to make the servers image a good one and boost peoples attitudes about it i have heard a lot of people complain about people breaking rules and i feel bad that i cant do anything about it to help them i am verry mature and i feel like i can make people happy and do a good job at helping out hte community i feel like i should aslo give back to the comunity for being so nice to me and helping me out thtoigh out all that i went through i can stay profetional in bad situations and i can hadle thing with sophistacation and maturity. i am very dedicated to this server and i feel like being staff would be a good thing for me. i have also played on the server and i hear people say then work and i would like to stop that because it makes some people uncomfortable and i don't quite like it myself What makes you stand out from other Candidates? (At least 50 words): i am a very understanding person and very friendly and always happy to help people i am nice to people no matter what i also am very dedicated to the server and the community i am also part of the police faction so I am very good at following orders. Name your biggest strength and your biggest weakness (At least 50 words): my biggest strength would be patience i am very patient and tolerant as to what is going on. i feel like my weakness would be that i don't like dealing with people that waste time they just aggravate me and i don't want to help them if they are giving me bull shit reasons. What skills can you bring to the Staff team? im here to make a difference i will give the staff team confidence and i am pretty determined to help people and make thir day better. What do you think we can improve within the staff team? i dont see any probelm with the staff team at the moment but if i see anything i think needs fixing i will be sure to say something How long have you been a part of Corrupted Gaming for?: probably about 2 to 3 weeks Have you ever been banned/given warning points? If so, what for?: no i have not Roughly how many hours a week can you be online?: every weekday for 3 to 4+ hours in the afternoon and every saterday depending on if i stay homr or not Do you understand that it requires you to be objective and mature?(Yes/No) yes Have you been 100% truthful and accurate in this application? (Yes/No) yes lieing is pointless in this situation Anything extra you would like to add?: Disclaimer: Do you understand that as a staff member at Corrupted Gaming you will be held to a higher standard than the rest of the community? That even though this is a voluntary position you are expected to maintain a certain level of activity, otherwise you will run the risk of disciplinary action, up to and including termination? Do you understand that you will treat every member of this community with the utmost respect? (Yes)
  2. Chriss James- application

    What is your in-game name? Chriss James ArmA 3 Player ID [UID] 76561198178942257 What is your age? 16 Date of Birth. ( Day, month and year)) 01/22/02 What country are you from? america What skills do you possess that you feel will benefit Lakeside Police Department (Minimum 75 Words) I Feel like I could benefit the department in a very good way I am pretty decent at PVP and I can keep my cool in a stressful situation I work very well with others I am very helpful and listen to my higher-ups i am very eager to learn an always ready for the unexpected I am very friendly and willing to meet new people and make my way up the ranks of the police department. iKeep in mind if you end up doing the bare minimum, you may get denied for lack of effort. It is recommended to go in detail. Why do you want to join the Lakeside Police Department? (Minimum 100 Words) since I have started playing on roleplay servers I have always been interested in joining the police department I feel like it's a good way to get to know people and to be able to keep the peace I fell like I could help out a lot I would also like to switch it up a bit and be enforcing the law instead of braking it I feel like it would be nice to defend a bank robbery I feel like can make a huge difference both in the department and in the city I feel like I can make a diference in peoples days and make them happy in the best way I can I want to help keep people safe and deal with situations in the best manar posible Keep in mind if you end up doing the bare minimum, you may get denied for lack of effort. It is recommended to go in detail. Have you had any past experience working as a Police officer? no i have not Have you full read and understood the rules and SOP's? yes

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