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      New Map   02/14/2018

      Read my post for info  
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      New Ark Server!   02/16/2018

      We have launched a new Modded Ark server to run alongside our Arma server. Anyone is welcome to play and it is a Heavily modded PvE server based on the first map. Modpack : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1302688409 Mod List: https://pastebin.com/vFX8dnJd Server Name: CorruptedGaming|Island|Annunaki|PVE|Mods Direct IP:   Here is some tips on how to find the server: https://wiki.nitrado.net/en/Connect_to_an_ARK:_Survival_Evolved_server   Give me some feedback in this topic on how you think we can improve it and leave suggestions for mods etc.

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  1. Ayman Guanja - PD Application

    What is your in-game name? Ayman Guanja ArmA 3 Player ID [UID] 76561198140710333 What is your age? 19 Date of Birth. ( Day, month and year)) 08/06/1998 What country are you from? United States of America What skills do you possess that you feel will benefit Lakeside Police Department (Minimum 75 Words) Some of the skills I possess that I will benefit the Lakeside Police Department are as followed. I can aim straight if needed, I am great at talking to people to try to get them out of certain situations, I am a friendly person when it comes to meeting new people and I enjoy talking to new people daily. I have a total of 4500 hours on Arma 3 so I am very experienced. I have been a cop on many other servers so I have been in many situation where I have had to talk someone out of something that they were planning on doing. I enjoy talking to and meeting new people everyday and I always find it entertaining to meet new characters. Keep in mind if you end up doing the bare minimum, you may get denied for lack of effort. It is recommended to go in detail. Why do you want to join the Lakeside Police Department? (Minimum 100 Words) I would like to join Lakeside Police Department, because I have a lot of experience from being a cop in the past and I have really enjoyed the role as an officer within lakeside. I also enjoy helping out the civilians of lakeside and putting away the criminals away in Lakeside. I also enjoy working as a team to complete the mission and I always take the role seriously and listen to my higher up. I would also like to join the police force because I have been on a ride along and sen first hand how they professionally deal with situations. Keep in mind if you end up doing the bare minimum, you may get denied for lack of effort. It is recommended to go in detail. Have you had any past experience working as a Police officer? Yes I was a SGT on ALRP and a Few Altis Life servers Have you full read and understood the rules and SOP's? Yes SOPS

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