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      New Map   02/14/2018

      Read my post for info  
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      New Ark Server!   02/16/2018

      We have launched a new Modded Ark server to run alongside our Arma server. Anyone is welcome to play and it is a Heavily modded PvE server based on the first map. Modpack : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1302688409 Mod List: https://pastebin.com/vFX8dnJd Server Name: CorruptedGaming|Island|Annunaki|PVE|Mods Direct IP:   Here is some tips on how to find the server: https://wiki.nitrado.net/en/Connect_to_an_ARK:_Survival_Evolved_server   Give me some feedback in this topic on how you think we can improve it and leave suggestions for mods etc.
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Winters Romero

Winters Romero - Police APP

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What is your in-game name? Winters Romero

ArmA 3 Player ID [UID] 76561198213525096

What is your age? 15

Date of Birth. ( Day, month and year)) 7/12/02

What country are you from? England

What skills do you possess that you feel will benefit Lakeside Police Department (Minimum 75 Words)  
my benefit is that I can bring my previous Roles and knowledge of previous police forces that I was included in from altis and takistan. i can bring training from my days in the wasteland of Stratis. I am also half decent at Helping players when being in complicated situations. I am also very good at following rules and knowing them off the top of my head. I am also good at making sure everyone's problem gets resolved with as little trouble as possible. I am a very quick learner if anything comes up that I need to learn. I am very mature and would follow rules. I also have very good people skills and good at communicating and will be able to help people with there problems and I can also defuse heated situations and calm people down.I have the ability to use good judgement and to problem solve, I have the capacity for empathy and compassion, I have the capacity for multitasking, I have the ability to demonstrate courage and to take responsibility, I have the ability to be resourceful and show initiative, I can demonstrate assertiveness, I possess and can demonstrate integrity, I have the capacity for engaging in teamwork and ability to collaborate.

Keep in mind if you end up doing the bare minimum, you may get denied for lack of effort. It is recommended to go in detail.

Why do you want to join the Lakeside Police Department? (Minimum 100 Words)
I am really good at helping others and communicating with other people and if shots need to be fired i will shot and will do my best.Some other police are really corrupt and i have some skills that other people don't have.I am very positive.I think you should pick me over the other applicants because (no bragging) i am really good. I really love helping out and making places a better place to be so I feel like the police is the perfect fit for me, I really want to help make Lakeside a better place and make the crimes stop. I don’t feel like violence is the way to keep order but if that’s what has to be done that’s what I will do. I also think you should choose me over the other applicants because I am not corrupt; I am really committed to doing my job once I get it. I also learn really fast so I won’t be like the other cadets and need a command on my side to teach me everything thousand times, I do the learning one time and I got it.

Keep in mind if you end up doing the bare minimum, you may get denied for lack of effort. It is recommended to go in detail.

Have you had any past experience working as a Police officer? Iv played as a cop on alot of altis life server and some Takistan and a few lakeside server 

Have you full read and understood the rules and SOP's? YES

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